Claiborne Patent Law Services


Nationwide Service

Service: This optional service is the preparation and filing of a provisional U.S. patent application.

Deliverables: Our office will draft a provisional U.S. patent application for your invention.  Our provisional applications are more complete than those prepared by many other practitioners, because it is our objective to draft and file a full description of your invention to support any non-provisional patent application you file later that relies on this work.  Based upon information you provide our office, we will prepare a specification with drawings fully complying with the Patent Act along with exemplary claims to illustrate embodiments of your invention.  Along with the specification and drawings, we will prepare and file all papers with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to obtain the earliest possible filing date for your application.  You will be provided with a copy of all documents filed.

Legal Fees: $1000 (credited toward fees for a later non-provisional)

Costs: Filing fee (currently $280 for large entities, $140 for small entities and $70 for micro entities), drawings, photocopies and express mailing.

  Provisional patent application drawings are usually prepared by our patent draftsman, who charges from $45 per page for simple drawings and flow charts to $100 per page for perspective drawings.  Our typical provisional patent application contains from three to fifteen drawings.