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The U.S. Patent Office discounts some of its usual fees for smaller entities. For those fees for which discounts are provided, the Patent Office recognizes three tiers of inventive entities: large entities, small entities and micro entities.

A small entity is entitled to a 50% reduction in most Patent Office fees. The specific definition of small entity is set forth in 37 C.F.R 1.29, but generally means either a single individual inventor, a business with 500 or fewer employees, or a non-profit organization.

A micro entity is entitled to a 75% reduction in most Patent Office fees. A micro entity must qualify as a small entity; must not have been named in more than four previously filed U.S. patent applications; must have a gross income not exceeding the U.S. Patent Office limitations on income; and must not be under obligation to assign to an entity with income exceeding the Patent Office limitations on income.

Any entity that does not qualify as a small entity or a micro entity is treated as a large entity and must pay applicable Patent Office fees with no discount.

Exemplary Fees for Different Entities

Patent Office Service Large entity fees Small entity fees Micro entity fees

Provisional application filing fee

 $ 280  $ 140  $ 70

Basic filing fee - Utility

 $ 300  $ 150  $ 75

Utility Search Fee

 $ 660  $ 330  $ 165

Utility Examination Fee

 $ 760  $ 380  $ 190

Utility Issue Fee

$1,000  $ 500  $ 250

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