Claiborne Patent Law Services


Nationwide Service

Service: This service is the preparation and filing of a U.S. utility patent application.

Deliverables: Our office will draft a complete U.S. patent application for your invention.  Working closely with you, we will prepare a specification with drawings thoroughly characterizing your invention and all equivalents that you foresee to your original technology.  We will carefully craft claims that not only to cover what you see to be the most valuable aspects of your invention, but also to assure that the scope of your property is not unnecessarily narrowed during prosecution.  Along with the specification and drawings, we will prepare and file all papers with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to obtain the earliest possible filing date for your application.  You will be provided with a copy of all documents filed.

Legal Fees: The legal fees for this service depend upon the complexity of the technology you wish to patent.  Prior to your engaging our services, we will make a determination of the complexity of your technology and offer services to you for a fixed fee, determined along the lines of the following schedule:



Preparation and filing:

$3,500 average plus costs




Preparation and filing:

$5,500 average plus costs




Preparation and filing:

$12,000 average plus costs


Costs: Filing fee*, drawings, photocopies and express mailing.

*The patent office fee for filing a non-provisional application depends upon the number and complexity of claims in the application.  For a basic application with three or fewer independent claims and twenty or fewer claims total, see our informational page on Patent Office Fees and Discounts.  Note that additional or more complex claims may increase the filing fee considerably.

  Drawings are prepared by our patent draftsman, who charges from $45 per page for simple drawings and flow charts to $100 per page for perspective drawings.  Our typical utility patent application contains from three to fifteen drawings.