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PAT. NO. Title  
1 6,460,072 Method and system for tracking the purchase of a product and services over the internet  
2 6,295,528 Method and apparatus for converting a geographic location to a direct marketing area for a query  
3 D443,271 Reduced footprint computer keyboard  
4 6,237,145 System for accessing promotion information and for generating redeemable coupons therefrom  
5 6,230,188 System and method for providing a proxy identifier in an on-line directory  
6 6,208,998 On-line directory service through the internet  
7 6,138,858 Portable tote with assembly surface  
8 6,119,127 Game software management system, linking game files  
9 6,115,177 Interactive 3-D viewing glasses  
10 6,108,724 Fast IDE drive to drive transfers  
11 6,104,819 Combination speaker and earphone apparatus  
12 6,104,606 Adjustably mounted infrared device  
13 6,104,604 Modular keyboard  
14 D429,243 Personal computer  
15 6,098,184 Method for improving mouse performance and virtual device driver therefor  
16 D428,881 Integrated desktop personal computer central processing unit and monitor  
17 6,092,659 Restricted orientation shipping carton  
18 D428,411 Integrated desktop personal computer with modular LCD display  
19 6,088,021 Peripheral input device having a retractable cord  
20 6,081,830 Automatic linking to program-specific computer chat rooms  
21 D427,387 Hand held bird feeder  
22 6,078,312 Pointing device with absolute and relative positioning capability  
23 6,075,518 Rotational X-axis pointing device  
24 6,052,253 Dual format tape drive  
25 6,046,754 Display shutter device for view protection on a portable computer  
26 6,040,978 Portable computer having folding speakers  
27 6,038,614 Active volume control with hot key  
28 6,019,444 Stabilizing assembly for I/O panel in computer housings  
29 6,018,775 System with a remote wireless mass storage which provides identification of a particular mass storage stored in a cradle to the system  
30 6,017,106 Removable carry handle and adapter for portable computer  
31 6,011,883 Switch control combining a light pipe and restore spring  
32 6,011,686 Audio devices for a portable computer  
33 6,003,041 Method and managing multiple channel maps from multiple input devices in a multimedia system  
34 6,002,581 Lap top computer system with elevating port cover  
35 5,999,405 PCB module support system  
36 5,995,155 Database navigation system for a home entertainment system  
37 5,990,872 Keyboard control of a pointing device of a computer  
38 D416,243 Computer keyboard  
39 5,978,214 Electronic device having adjustably mounted infrared device using telescoping arm  
40 5,978,213 Electronic device having adjustably mounted infrared device using tension cable  
41 5,966,732 Method and apparatus for adding to the reserve area of a disk drive  
42 D414,471 Integrated personal computer central processing unit with tiltable monitor  
43 5,935,230 Multiprocessor arrangement including bus arbitration scheme involving plural CPU clusters that address each other as "phantom" CPUs  
44 5,933,141 Mutatably transparent displays  
45 5,927,094 Apparatus for cooling an electronic device  
46 5,914,711 Method and apparatus for buffering full-motion video for display on a video monitor  
47 5,910,933 Stand alone optical disc player module  
48 5,900,867 Self identifying remote control device having a television receiver for use in a computer  
49 5,898,424 Pointing device with differing actuation forces for primary and secondary buttons  
50 5,896,269 Positive pressure heat sink conduit  
51 5,881,318 Keyboard audio controls for integrated CD-ROM players  
52 D406,579 Front bezel for electronic equipment  
53 5,876,218 Piggy back PC card  
54 5,870,080 Electro-magnetic transceiver combined with a pointing device  
55 5,860,205 Tool for installing and removing computer connectors  
56 5,856,819 Bi-directional presentation display  
57 5,850,396 Multicast message distribution in a polynomial expansion manner  
58 5,746,154 Hand-held bird feeder